How We Avoid Coronavirus

Dr. Brian was lead author with colleagues calling for Los Angeles County to modify “Safer at Home”policy to help recover from the econonic, mental health, and other complications occurring while maintaining public safety.

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VOICE OF REASON:  Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler’s interview on KABC Talk Radio 3/16/20 about Public and Government Perception of Coronavirus vs Reality

“Hygiene IQ”, as Dr. Brian calls it, has never been higher than now. As a result, the risk of any respiratory infection, including flu and Coronavirus, is the lowest we’ve ever seen. Additionally, because of our Einstein level of “hygiene IQ” now, next year Dr. Brian predicts we will see the lowest number of people getting the flu on record.

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Reassuring Video – Learn the Facts from a Lung Specialist Doctor – How to Avoid Coronavirus – He Treats These Patients All Day in a New York Hospital.