Boxer Wachler Vision Institute

The Boxer Wachler Vision Institute was designed with the comfort of the patient in mind. Patients often refer to the Institute being “as relaxing as a spa!” State-of-the-art equipment is showcased in the central diagnostic station, which is not only the physical but also the fundamental nucleus of the practice. The “humidity-controlled” surgical facilities help optimize our patients’ results. Our Institute creates a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere.

Meet Dr. Brian

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Most Popular Procedures

The Fortified CK™ procedure can reduce the need for reading glasses. The WhiterEyes® procedure can treat brown spots, bloodshot, and yellowing of the eyes and The Fortified LASIK® procedure can free you from having to wear contact lenses and glasses.

Fortified CK™
Fortified CK™

For better up-close vision and No more reading glasses.

Fortified CK™

Treats brown spots, bloodshot, and yellowing of the eyes.

Fortified LASIK®
Fortified LASIK®

Gives you freedom from contact lenses and glasses.

Fortified LASIK®
Steve Holcomb
Olympic Gold Medalist 2010, Holcomb C3-R & Visian ICL Keratoconus Patient

“Now I can focus on what’s important out there. It’s incredible. Dr. Brian’s treatments are an eye-opening experience!”

Lucy Liu
Actress - LASIK Patient

“I was terrified! But Dr. Brian and his staff made everything so easy-super-patient, wonderful bedside manner, answered all questions!”

Eve Jeffers
Entertainment/Sitcom Star - PRK Patient

“I have absolutely no regrets about this procedure!”

Dr. Phil
TV Host - LASIK Patient

“Dr. Brian was excellent and so was the comfort and recovery of my LASIK procedure with him!”

Lester Holt
Host - NBC Nightly News

“Dr. Brian offered Steven Holcomb a life-changing alternative”

Mimi Rodgers
Actress - LASIK Patient

“Initially I was wary of LASIK due to the risk of halos from my large pupils. After LASIK with Dr. Brian’s special technique, I am thrilled with my daytime and nighttime vision”

Ricky Schroder
Actor/Director - Astigmatism Correction

“It’s Great!”

Bob Toledo
Former UCLA Head Football Coach - LASIK Patient

“It is an absolute pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Dr. Brian. He performed laser surgery on my eyes and I think he is outstanding.”

Glenn Cohen
M.D. / Hand Surgeon

“I am a hand surgeon. My eyes are everything to me and my patients. I trust all of my eye care to Dr. Boxer Wachler.”

Ursula Andress
Actress - First "Bond Girl" - CK Patient

“Absolutely wonderful experience! I saw everything the next morning. Dr. Brian was lovely, so very good. I will send all my friends in need to only him – he is the greatest.”

Stu Lantz
Announcer - Los Angeles Lakers - LASIK Patien

“I probably need lots of your business cards to give to all of the people who will be asking who to go to for the procedure!”

Dimitri Patterson
NFL Football Player / Cleveland Browns - Whiter Eyes® Patient

“Dr. Brian was very thorough in his explanation of the process and procedure, which made me feel extremely comfortable.”

Montel Williams
TV Host / Author

“Dr. Brian just gave 1 in 500 people in this country with Keratoconus some hope who before didn’t know about Holcomb C3-R.”

Dr. Richard Nepomuceno, MD
Refractive Surgeon - LASIK Patient

“I could have had my LASIK done by virtually any surgeon in the world. I chose Dr. Brian to perform it not only because he is the best…but because he genuinely cares.”

Kenneth Steinsapir, MD
Eye Surgeon

“Dr. Brian is without question one of the top refractive and anterior segment surgeons in the country.”

Singer / Multi Grammy Award Winner

“Phenomenal improvement in my sight. No more contact lenses!

Brett Dalton
Actor / Agents of the Shield Star - Fortified LASIK Patient

“Thanks to Dr. Brian, my wife can see our daughter clearly.”

Meg Tilly
Actress / LASIK Patient

“Waking up the next day after LASIK was like Christmas morning! Dr. Brian is a genius!”

Mario Lopez

“Whiter Eyes® is the revolutionary procedure that can give you brighter, whiter eyes.”

Jamal Crawford
NBA Player/ Los Angeles Clippers - Whiter Eyes® Patient

“I will stand beside Dr. Brian at any moment and anytime because I feel that confident in his abilities.”

Michael Baumgartner
Washington State Senator - LASIK Patient

“It is the 10-year anniversary of my LASIK. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how much it benefitted my quality of life.”

Laura Linney
Actress - LASIK Patient

“I could not have had a better experience. Dr. Brian and his staff put you instantly at ease, and you feel that you could not be in better hands. Truly Remarkable!”

Dr. Drew
TV Host

“We found Dr. Brian who can arrest Keratoconus.”

“Sugar” Shane Mosley, Sr.
Boxing Champion - CK Patient

“Everything went very good, I was comfortable at all times with the procedures and the service.

Earl Dotson
NFL Football Player / Green Bay Packers - Keratoconus Patient

“I was seeing so well the next day after the procedure, I was right back in the swing of things.”

Kristi Funk MD
Breast Surgeon - LASIK Patients

“As a breast cancer surgeon, my vision affects much more than my own life. I wanted LASIK for years, and now thanks to Dr. Brian, I see perfectly!”

Tony Curtis
Actor - LASIK Patient

“The procedure was excellent and everyone was so kind and thoughtful. Comfort level was excellent.”

Nick Kroll
Comedian - LASIK Patient

“You guys are hilarious! Level of comfort during and after the procedure was great.”

Lisa Willis
WNBA Basketball Player - Keratoconus Patient

“I had always been pretty skeptical about getting work done on my eyes. Once I got here, I was comfortable! They talked me through every step!”

Alex McKechnie
Athletic Performance Coordinator, Toronto Raptors - LASIK Patient

“Observation is critically important to my job. I experienced instant success with Dr. Brian. I personally recommend this to anyone at any time.”

Designer - LASIK Patient

“My reading vision after the surgery has most definitely improved! Thank You!”

Chris Connelly
Correspondent / Good Morning America

“Apl. De. Ap of the Black Eye Peas is moments away from Dr. Brian’s procedure that will totally transform his eyesight.”

Nick Petrucci
NBL Baseball Player / Cleveland Indians - LASIK Patient

“When I’m at bat now, I can see the stitches rotating on the ball so I can tell if it’s a fastball or a curve ball.”

Dr. Sanjay Gupta
TV Host / CNN

“Dr. Brian’s surgery was a success.”

Michelle Banks MD
Eye Surgeon - LASIK Patient

“I happen to be an eye surgeon myself. It comes at no surprise that I would pick Dr. Brian as the person to perform my LASIK surgery. I have sat in meetings with tens of thousands of other eye surgeons and we all look to Dr. Brian as the leader in the field of refractive surgery.”

Navy Fighter Pilot - LASIK Patient

“Corneal refractive surgery has opened new opportunities for me in the US Navy. Now I am able to fulfill my dreams as a Navy Pilot with perfect vision.”

Vision Correction Procedures

For well over 20 years, the Boxer Wachler Vision Institute has been committed to improving the quality, care and vision of those suffering from Vision Problems. We help patients in Southern California, Outside States and Other Countries with: Whiter Eyes®, Visian ICL®, FORTIFIED CK™ and FORTIFIED Lasik® procedures.

Holcomb C3-R® Cross-Linking for Keratoconus
Holcomb C3-R® Cross-Linking for Keratoconus

Holcomb C3-R® (Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking Riboflavin). Can strengthen the weak corneal structure and prevent cornea transplants.

Read more
Intacs® for Keratoconus
Intacs® for Keratoconus

Intacs® are micro-thin inserts which aid in improving the shape of the cornea and improve quality of vision in patients struggling with Keratoconus.

Read more
CK™ for Keratoconus
CK™ for Keratoconus

Fortified Conductive Keratoplasty (CK)™ for Keratoconus. Is a noninvasive procedure which utilizes radiofrequency energy to improve astigmatism.

Read more
Visian ICL™
Visian ICL™

1-Step Ultrasound-Guided Visian ICL™ is that this is biocompatible and “in sync” with the body. The 1-Step Ultrasound-Guided Visian ICL™ is removable and provides “HD

Read more
Pterygium Removal with WhiterEyes®
Pterygium Removal with WhiterEyes®

This procedure is a reality and can help you stop suffering with the appearance of your eyes. Not only can you reduce the lumps/growths on

Read more
Pinguecula Removal with WhiterEyes®
Pinguecula Removal with WhiterEyes®

This procedure can help you reduce the lumps or growths over the inner whites of the eyes and you will also appreciate an enhancement in

Read more
Dry Eye Treatment
Dry Eye Treatment

The #1 cause of dry eyes is inflammation in your eyelid oil glands. Most people call it “blepharitis” aka meibomian gland dysfunction. Without proper treatment

Read more
(PRK) laser vision correction
(PRK) laser vision correction

PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) is a laser vision correction procedure performed by Dr. Brian at his office in Beverly Hills. The procedure involves gently moving the

Read more
Cataract & Natural Lens Replacement Treatment
Cataract & Natural Lens Replacement Treatment

Natural Lens Replacement is an advanced procedure designed to improve your ability to see without bifocals and/or reading glasses.

Read more



Why People Say: You Must Go To See Dr. Brian

One of Dr. Brian’s special qualities is that although he sees patients from all “walks of life” (famous and non-famous), Dr. Brian is described as one of the most “down to earth” doctors people have met. Everyone receives the same high quality of care regardless if you are a famous celebrity or a manual laborer in the field. He has a special empathy for all people who have eye problems and his career mission is to help everyone who needs him.

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Apl.De.Ap – “Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler is a renowned eye surgeon”
Tom Sandoval

Tom Sandoval

“Today I woke up and my vision was better than when I wore contacts.”
Corrine Olympios

Corrine Olympios

“I feel so great, I can’t thank Dr. Brian enough, my vision is saved!”
Tommy Pham

Tommy Pham

“It makes you feel very comfortable knowing your eyes will be stable from Keratoconus.”
Ace Family

Ace Family

“I was terrified! But Dr. Brian and his incredible staff made everything so easy!”
Wendy Raquel Robinson

Wendy Raquel Robinson

“I have absolutely no regrets about the procedure!”
Dr. Travis Stork

Dr. Travis Stork

“Thank you Dr. Brian for being our re-occurring guest expert on The Doctor’s TV Show.”
Ali Landry

Ali Landry

“I was amazed at how refreshed my eyes felt and appeared.”





Contact Us

We here at the Boxer Wachler Vision Institute spend a great deal of time upfront assessing your eyes so that we can make the best possible "KERATOCONUS TREATMENT" recommendations. Our patients must pass all of our testing requirements before being a candidate.

If you are arriving from outside the city of Beverly Hills, the state of California or even the United States to visit our Institute, let us know and we would be happy to help with coordinating your visit, including providing a list of nearby hotels, restaurants, and activities. Remember, in most cases the exams and treatment can be performed in an “Easy, Three-Day Trip!” Click here to learn more about traveling for treatments.

RoxSan Medical Building, Ninth Floor
465 N. Roxbury Drive, Suite 902
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Telephone: 310.594.5209, 888.982.1900 Text: 424.666.8454
Fax: 310.860.1902


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